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 Brake service in Lamesa, TX

Brake Service at Premier Ford of Lamesa

Your safety behind the wheel is of the utmost importance, and you can't drive safely without reliable brakes. At Premier Ford of Lamesa, we take your safety seriously, which is why we recommend routine vehicle maintence like brake inspections and repairs. When it comes time to go in for brake service, visit our service department for quality service you can trust in Lamesa, TX near Lubbock and Hobbs.

Why Routine Brake Service is Important

It is no secret that the brake system is an extremely important part of every vehicle. Each part that makes up your brake system must be in good shape to give you the stopping power necessary to avoid accidents and other issues. When the unexpected happens out on the road, you will want your brakes to work effeciently to keep you and your passengers out of danger.

When you go in for brake servicing at Premier Ford of Lamesa, our expert technicians will do a thorough inspection of your vehicle's brake system. This inspection includes checking the rotors, the anti-lock brake sensors, and the brake fluid's levels and condition. They will also inspect the brake pads which involves looking for wear and tear and measuring brake pad/shoe thickness. Brake pads are very important because they protect the rotor from damage. Our technicians will also check for any leaks, inspect the calipers, and test any hardware that may need adjustments.

As you can see, there are multiple parts that factor into the effectiveness of your brakes, and they all need to be in good shape for the system to work properly. When you fail to get your brakes checked as recommended by your vehicle's manufacturer, it could lead to damaged parts, expensive repairs, or even accidents.

How to Know When It's Time to Get Your Brakes Serviced

Many professionals recommended going in for a brake inspection roughly every 6,000 miles or at a minimum of every six months. These recommendations can vary, however, so it is important that you check with your vehicle's manual or ask a professional for brake advice. If you notice that your brakes are not working properly, or if there are other changes in your vehicle's performance, make sure you take it to a mechanic immediately. Now, let's go over a few signs that can point to a problem with your vehicle's brake system:

  • Strange sounds when you press on the brakes including squeaking or grinding noises
  • A shaking steering wheel while driving
  • A delayed response when you press on the brakes
  • Your vehicle wobbles or pulsates when you drive at higher speeds
  • When braking, your vehicle pulls to one side

There is no better way to feel confident out on the road than to know your vehicle is taken care of. Routine vehicle maintenance will help you have peace of mind throughout every commute or adventure.

Call or visit our service department at Premier Ford of Lamesa to learn how we can provide you with quality brake service today.