Suspension Service in Lamesa, TX

Suspension Service in Lamesa, TX

Suspension Service at Premier Ford of Lamesa

When you notice that your vehicle is not as effortless to drive as it once was, you might think there is a problem with the steering or tires. Unfortunately, many drivers are not aware of the essential value of their suspension system until it is too late. If you are having trouble driving in a straight line or feel your car, truck, or SUV bouncing when you cross uneven pavement, it is time for a visit to the automotive experts at Premier Ford of Lamesa. Our factory-trained automotive experts have the expertise to spot suspension issues immediately. And our state-of-the-art service center is equipped with all of the tools and technology needed to repair or replace any damaged suspension components to return your vehicle to roadworthiness and provide superior safety.



The Essential Service of Your Vehicles Suspension

Drivers often think that the suspension system does nothing more than provide a comfortable ride. However, that is far from the only service these components offer. Their primary function is to keep your vehicle’s tires in constant contact with the road’s surface for maximum control and safety. In addition, these vital components absorb all of the bouncing created on an uneven road to allow you to maintain control and proper steering of your vehicle. So, when the suspension is damaged or worn out, you should consider the car unsafe to drive.

Warning Signs of Suspension Issues and Compromised Vehicle Safety

Some of the common warning signs of suspension damage or degradation include:

  • A less smooth ride
  • The vehicle dips or leans when you apply the brakes
  • The car drifts or wanders but is impossible to steer in a straight line
  • When viewing the car from a distance, it appears to be leaning to one side or corner
  • If you lean on the exterior of the vehicle, it feels soft, bouncy, and will not support your weight
  • The tires have uneven wear patterns
  • There is visual damage to the shocks or struts
  • Grease or oil is leaking from the suspension components
  • There is loud squeaking when turning or applying the breaks

All of these are indications that you need to take your vehicle to Premier Ford of Lamesa for a suspension inspection and service immediately.

The Premier Ford Of Lamesa Difference

At Premier Ford of Lamesa, our priority is always the safety of our customers. When you cannot control your vehicle due to a suspension issue, call us at 806-425-1831 or schedule an appointment online. Our automotive experts will quickly locate any problems and provide you with a complete cost quote to restore the safety of your vehicle’s suspension system. Our staff is here from 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM Monday through Friday and from 9:00 AM – 12:00 PM on Saturday to make it less stressful to get your vehicle to our service department. In addition, we offer loaner vehicles to help you keep on schedule for your busy day.

Visit Premier Ford of Lamesa, near Midland and Hobbs, for any suspension repair needed to keep your vehicle safe and reliable.