2023 Ford Super Duty Near Lamesa, TX

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2023 Ford Super Duty in Lamesa, TX

2023 Ford Super Duty at Premier Ford of Lamesa

If you have some hard work to accomplish for the farm, your job, or your business, you cannot go wrong with the colossal 2023 Ford Super Duty. If you live near Midland, Hobbs, or Lubbock, you can find the powerful 2023 Ford Super Duty at Premier Ford of Lamesa. With the 2023 Ford Super Duty, you are getting a powerful truck that is the industry leader you need in a full-size pickup truck.

Super Duty Power and Performance

You know Ford trucks are Built Ford Tough, and the latest Ford Super Duty stands as the industry leader with a truck that captures the Super Duty Trifecta: Best-in-Class Towing, Best-in-Class Power, Best-in-Class Payload. You can tow heavy loads with a maximum diesel gooseneck towing of 40,000 lbs. This Super Duty also takes Best-in-Class maximum available diesel conventional towing of 30,000 lbs. The best maximum available DRW gas conventional towing in the F-350/3500 subsegment comes in at 22,000 lbs. Best-in-Class available diesel horsepower of 500 hp, Best-in-Class available diesel torque of an astounding 1,200 lb.-ft. of torque, and Best-in-Class gas with 430 hp and 485 lb.-ft. of torque showcase the strength and power of this truck.

Super Duty, Super Tech

With onboard technology geared towards your ability to get work done, Ford has refined the ability to tow into a class by itself so you can increase your workload and productivity. The 2023 Ford Super Duty is equipped with an eye-in-the-sky perspective and a 360-degree camera system to monitor all sides of your truck and trailer. You can also get the available built-in payload scale to estimate the weight and balance in your truck’s bed. If you have a trailer to tow but no one to help you hitch it up, the available Pro Trailer Hitch Assist helps you hook up before you move out by limiting how often you need to enter and exit your truck to line up the hitch. With the Enhanced Trailer Navigation system, your Super Duty plots out the best route for you to travel while keeping the size of your trailer in mind, so you do not have to worry about low bridges, tight corners, and other obstacles along your route.

Super Duty Cabin Tech

The 2023 Ford Super Duty is equipped with 5G technology, giving you the most up-to-date connectivity technology to keep you connected while on the move. This truck also provides a configurable instrument cluster to transmit vital information about your vehicle, payload, towing, and more. You can initiate the Head-Up Display feature to project the information on your windshield, so you can keep your eyes on the road ahead. If you need more specialization, a Super Duty Chassis Cab sets up your truck with features like a dump bed and other available upfits.


To find out more, come by Premier Ford of Lamesa and explore the 2023 Ford Super Duty trucks we have in our inventory and see how this is your choice for a major duty pickup.