The Benefits of Servicing at Premier Ford of Lamesa

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Service Benefits at Premier Ford of Lamesa

There are plenty of drivers who underscore the importance of routine service. A lack of oil can destroy your engine while worn brakes may make it harder to stop when you need to. Servicing your model comes with a long list of benefits that you’ll want to take advantage of. When you’re ready to diagnose your vehicle, you can find us at Premier Ford of Lamesa.

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Extend the Life of Your Vehicle with Frequent Maintenance

When you consistently service your vehicle, you can make it last for years and sometimes even decades. You can still see cars from the 80s happily making their way down the road because their owners are on top of every oil change, brake service, and more. If you’re trying to extend your model’s lifespan, you should keep a close eye on your routine service and replace parts when needed.

Safety Matters While Traveling the Roads of Lamesa, TX

Most drivers hop on a highway to get to their next destination. This means that you’ll be traveling at high speeds alongside other drivers who are doing the exact same thing. If something were to happen, you’re going to need to be able to react quickly, but if your model has damaged brakes or problems with its power steering, then you may have a harder time avoiding accidents. These parts work hard to keep you safe on the road, but without the proper upkeep, they might malfunction when you need them most.

Conserve the Value of Your Ford

Your vehicle is an investment, and if you take care of it, you’ll be able to enjoy it for longer. If you decide to trade it in for something new though, you’ll be glad that you took care of it. You might be able to secure a higher amount for your model, which in turn, can boost your down payment. This may give you more options when you’re browsing our lot at Premier Ford of Lamesa. If you want to see what you can potentially upgrade to and you live near Lubbock, Lamesa, or Midland, you can always stop by.


Skipping Service Can Lead to More Problems

Every vehicle is going to take some form of damage over the years, but with routine service, you can reduce the likelihood that your parts will break. Something as simple as an oil change can potentially keep your engine from overheating or knocking. This can be devastating for any car, as the engine itself might become damaged beyond repair. While this might feel like an extreme example, it’s a fairly common one. Unless you drive an electric model, you’ll need an oil change every few thousand miles. If you’re worried about the current state of your oil, you can check your dipstick for discoloration, low levels, and viscosity.

Enjoy the Power of Your New Ford

If you initially bought your car for its horsepower and handling, then you may have noticed that its power has dwindled over the years. This is normal, as engines are going to deal with dust, debris, and other contaminants that can harm your performance. If you want to restore your model back to its former glory, you should visit our service department so that you can talk to our mechanics. Depending on your car’s issues, you may be able to leave with a more powerful and efficient engine.

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