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Battery Service in Lamesa, TX

New Batteries & Battery Service at Premier Ford of Lamesa

Keep your Ford performing at its very best with routine battery service. These days, vehicles are packed with the latest technology, making it more important than ever to make sure your battery is in good shape. The factory-trained technicians in the service center at Premier Ford of Lamesa have what it takes to check, repair, or replace your vehicle’s battery with extra care and attention. Give us a call or stop by our location in Lamesa near Lubbock and Hobbs.

The Importance of Routine Battery Checks

Have you ever been stranded with a car that won’t start only to find out later that your battery died? Not only is a dead battery inconvenient, but it can also put you in dangerous situations if you become stranded in an unfamiliar location. To avoid situations like this, it is important that you get your battery checked as often as recommended by a professional or by your vehicle’s manual.

How to Know When It’s Time to Get Your Battery Checked

Unfortunately, car batteries will not last forever. It is common for most to last up to five years. A battery’s lifespan depends on the environment and how often one drives. If your battery is showing signs of failure, make sure you take it in for a battery test immediately. Common signs of an old or damaged battery include:

  • Flickering interior lights
  • A voltmeter test showing low voltage results
  • Instead of cranking, your engine clicks rapidly
  • Your battery will not accept charge even from a jump-start
  • Your battery will not stay charged even after jump-starting it multiple times

Your battery does not have to be old or showing signs of failure for it to need replacement. That is why we recommend battery checks on a regular basis. You can ask a service technician to run a battery test during your other visits to the service department to save time, like when you go in for an oil change or a brake check. Knowing the condition of your battery allows you to avoid unexpected repairs, therefore, giving you peace of mind out on the road.

What Causes a Battery to Fail

A battery’s old age is a common reason that it will stop working. Another common contributor to battery failure is a problem with the alternator. This issue is so common that the alternator will usually be checked first when trying to find an explanation for a weak battery. Corrosion around the terminals is another reason why batteries fail, as well as a defective serpentine belt, a defective fuse, or lights being left on inside the vehicle which drains the battery.

If you have an old battery, or if you’re experiencing issues such as dim lights or an engine that won’t start, head over to Premier Ford of Lamesa for a battery check. Our service technicians specialize in Ford vehicles, so there is no better place to take your vehicle for maintenance than to our service department.