Cabin Air Filter Service Near Lamesa, TX

Cabin Air Filter Service in Lamesa, TX

Cabin Air Filter Service & Replacement at Premier Ford of Lamesa

Most people don’t think about the air they breathe, but in the cabin of a vehicle, it can get pretty stale. You may not realize how it contributes to allergies and other health conditions when the air is filled with dust and pollutants. Fortunately, your cabin air filter does a good job of keeping the air clean when you’re driving around Lamesa, Hobbs, and Lubbock. To ensure the quality of air remains high, you need to have the filter serviced with Premier Ford of Lamesa.



The Cabin Air Filter’s Job

The cabin air filter traps the pollen, dust, and other pollutants that travel through the air. The particles are too small to even be seen in many cases, but they can still affect your breathing. When the filter does it’s job, the air you are breathing is cleaner. The filter will get dirty in time and need to be replaced.

You can rely on the service team at Premier Ford of Lamesa to inspect the filter and get it replaced. Our parts department keeps a full inventory of parts like cabin air filters, so we can replace it as soon as you bring your vehicle in for service.

Prevent Pollution

As you travel, your cabin may have pollen, smog, dust, and other particles get inside. You’ll deal with smog and dust in the city while rural areas may be filled with all kinds of pollen from trees and plants. You may have more dust if you live on a gravel road. The cabin air filter traps all these particles, so all you’re left with is clean air.

Help Keep Allergies at Bay

You may notice that you don’t have as many allergy issues when you travel with a clean cabin air filter. These particles can trigger sneezing and other allergy symptoms, creating unpleasant and uncomfortable flare-ups.

When the Cabin Air Filter Gets Clogged

Even as tiny as those particles are, they will clog the filter in time. When this happens, your air conditioning system must work harder because the air can’t flow through adequately. You may feel like the cabin takes longer to cool out. Failure to take care of the filter could cause the A/C to need repairs sooner than normal.

The engine may also work harder because the air doesn’t get through the operating system. It may overheat from lack of airflow. Since the engine is doing more work, it can increase fuel usage as well.

On average, the cabin air filter should be checked every 12,000 miles or so. If you live or travel in an area with heavy pollution, you may need to have it serviced even more often. You can check your owner’s manual for further guidelines for your model.

Schedule cabin air filter service for your vehicle with Premier Ford of Lamesa. Set up an appointment online or give us a call to have your filter serviced and replaced if necessary. We’ll help keep you breathing easier and your vehicle running smoothly.