How to Check Brake Fluid

How to Check Brake Fluid?

How to Check Your Vehicle’s Brake Fluid

Brake fluid is an important part of your safety as you travel in your Ford vehicle. It should be checked on a regular basis as part of your brake service and maintenance. You want to be sure you can stop in Lamesa, Hobbs, and Lubbock when you apply the brakes. Here are some tips to help you check your brake fluid and prevent accidents from a faulty brake system.



What Brake Fluid Does

Brake fluid is known as hydraulic fluid and its job is to help the brake pedal move easier. It lubricates the moving parts of the brake system. Brake fluid is either glycol-ether-based, silicone-based, or mineral oil-based. You’ll want to check your owner’s manual to find out the recommended type of brake fluid for your model.

You need to inspect the brake fluid to make sure it doesn’t get low. If you have less fluid than you should, it could indicate a leak in your brake lines. You also want to see if the fluid looks dirty, which means it needs a brake flush to replace the old fluid with new.

Why Change the Brake Fluid?

The fluid in your brakes can attract moisture, which will cause corrosion on the brakes. It may also get contaminated by particles that can cause damage even though they are so small that they often can’t be seen by the naked eye.

The brake fluid will heat up due to the ABS and traction control system. This causes your brake fluid to deteriorate faster.

How to Check Your Brake Fluid

You will need to find the brake fluid reservoir on the master cylinder. To find this component, you may need to look it up in your owner’s manual. You’ll see the minimum and maximum level, and your brake fluid should be in between those lines. If it’s too close to the minimum line, it means you need to have brake service for your vehicle.

Check the color of the brake fluid, which should be nearly clear or have a yellow tint. If the fluid is dark brown or black and looks more like oil than brake fluid, you need to have it replaced.

How Often Should You Have Brake Fluid Service Done?

The service technicians will check your brake fluid when you bring your vehicle in for a full-service oil change or at least once per year. Brake fluid will usually last around four or five years, but you should be checking it well before this time.

How long the brake fluid lasts depends on the vehicle as well as the way you drive and the conditions you drive in. The service technicians will let you know when it’s time for service.

Stay safe out on the road in your Ford vehicle with brake fluid that is doing its job. If you’re concerned that there’s a problem or you just want your brake system inspected, contact Premier Ford of Lamesa for brake fluid service. We’ll work hard to keep you safe with our high-quality service.