Tire Rotation Service in Lamesa, TX

Tire Rotation Service in Lamesa, TX

Get a Tire Rotation at Premier Ford of Lamesa

Your vehicle’s tires are the most important part of your car or truck. They are the only component that touches the roads you drive on, and if they are not properly taken care of, accidents can occur. Even if your vehicle has been correctly aligned, the tires still need to be rotated for optimal performance. If you’re in the Hobbs area, come by Premier Ford of Lamesa for your next tire rotation service.



What is a Tire Rotation?

The changing of the position of a tire on a vehicle periodically is called a tire rotation. Depending on the type of vehicle you have, and the type of tires determines where your tires need to be rotated. Whether it’s side to side, front to back or crisscross. When you get your tires rotated, you are preserving the tire’s tread life and providing a more consistent wear pattern. Preserving your tire’s tread life is important to balance the traction from the front to the rear of the car. When back tires have worn tread, and the front does not, this can cause sliding while driving on the road to Lubbock.

Is It Time for A Tire Rotation?

Most vehicle manufacturers provide their drivers with specific recommendations on when it’s best to rotate the vehicle’s tires. Expert service technicians can provide you with suggestions as well, but most recommend having your tires rotated every 3,000-6,000 miles depending on road conditions. There is also a simple at-home test you can do to check your tire’s tread. Take a penny and place Lincoln’s head down into the tread, if the top of his head disappears, then it’s time to rotate your tires. If you’re still having doubts, bring your vehicle to our professional service center in Lamesa.

Patterns For Tire Rotations

When tires are being rotated, there is a pattern that is used depending on your vehicle and the type of tires. Most of the time, tires can be rotated diagonally, front to back, or side to side. When it comes to certain types of vehicles, their tires cannot be rotated using traditional patterns. Some tires can also only be mounted in the direction they rotate in. When it comes to these types of tires, they can only be rotated front to rear. High-performance vehicles usually have different size tires for the front and back, so these can only move side to side, or sometimes not at all.

Ford Certified Service in Lamesa, TX

Whether it’s regular maintenance or a major repair, our factory-trained Ford technicians are always prepared to help you with your vehicle service needs. Premier Ford of Lamesa is a full-service dealership known for its knowledgeable service team and outstanding work on all Ford models. Our service team not only provides rotation services, but they also provide our drivers with oil changes, transmission services, brake inspections, and so much more. If you think it’s time for your next tire rotation, don’t hesitate to schedule an appointment.


If you’re looking for exceptional quality on your next service, look no further than Premier Ford of Lamesa.