Windshield Wiper Service Near Lamesa, TX

Windshield Wiper Service in Lamesa, TX

Windshield Wiper Service & Replacement at Premier Ford of Lamesa

Your vehicle has hundreds of parts that are necessary to get you around safely. When it comes to the maintenance of your vehicle, the parts that most of us think about are the engine, transmission, and tires, all of which allow you to get around. An easily neglected part of your vehicle is your wipers. Your wipers consist of the blades, the wiper arms, the cowl, and the cover. Just four parts, but without these parts, your field of vision could be obstructed by pollen, dirt, dust, and other debris. If you live in Lamesa, Lubbock, or Hobbs, you can find quality windshield wiper service nearby at Premier Ford of Lamesa.

Frequency of Replacement

Your windshield wipers are important for your safety, and they do wear out in time. It is typically recommended that they be replaced every 6-12 months. Your owner’s manual gives the manufacturer’s recommended timelines for replacing your wipers, so be sure you are following their recommendations and checking them for details regarding wiper replacement. There are some signs that you may be noticing that indicate your windshield wipers need to be replaced:

  • Frequency of use is a big indicator that you may need early replacement. If you are in an area that requires you to turn on the wipers often, they will wear out quicker.
  • If you live in an area where there is excessive heat, dryness, or snow and ice, your wipers will also wear out much faster. Extreme temperatures can cause excessive expansion and contraction of the blades, which can lead to cracking.
  • How you store your vehicle is another factor. If you have a garage or carport where you park your vehicle, they will last longer. The UV rays from the sun will eventually break down the rubber on your blades and cause them to get cracks and holes if your vehicle sits outside all the time.

How Will I Know If I Need Wiper Service?

There are several ways to tell when you need your windshield wipers serviced or replaced.

  • Squeaking sounds: If your blades are making squeaking sounds, it can mean that the silicone or rubber on your blades is damaged. If they have worn down a lot, it can cause the metal to be exposed on your wipers and the sound you hear may be metal scratching your windshield.
  • Chattering noises, vibrating, and jerky motions: These sounds can also indicate wiper problems. It can mean that the blades are uneven or damaged where they do not get good contact with the windshield glass.
  • Streaking: If the blades are not moving across the glass smoothly, you may notice streaking which can mean your wipers are going bad.
  • Not cleaning well: If the blades are leaving moisture behind every time they move across the windshield, that can be an indicator of gaps and holes in the blades.

If you notice any of these issues, you may need to get your windshield wipers inspected. Contact our service center at Premier Ford of Lamesa to set up windshield wiper blade service. You can schedule your appointment online or over the phone, and we’ll help you get your vehicle safely back on the road.