Engine Air Filter Service Near Lamesa, TX

Engine Air Filter Service in Lamesa, TX

Engine Air Filter Service & Replacement at Premier Ford of Lamesa

Regular service is important to keeping your engine running smoothly and providing efficient performance as you drive for work or play around Lamesa, Midland, and Big Spring. The engine air filter is one part that works hard and needs to be maintained. You can get your filter replaced at Premier Ford of Lamesa.



What You Need to Know About Engine Air Filters

The engine air filter traps all the dirt and road debris to keep it from getting into the engine and causing damage. The filter is often round or rectangular in shape, but it can come in different sizes. To identify which filter you need, you must provide the make and model of the vehicle to buy the right replacement.

You should follow your owner’s guide when it comes to replacing the filter. If you travel down dirt roads or like to go off-roading, you may need to change it more often than what the manufacturer recommends.

A Dirty Filter

As the engine air filter does its job, it gets dirtier. Soon, it won’t allow air to get through, which the engine needs. You may notice that the engine is more sluggish than it used to be or even misfire. You will probably also see the efficiency go down, resulting in more trips to the gas station.

You need to replace your dirty air filter right away. If you don’t replace it on a regular basis, you could end up damaging parts of the engine. To replace an engine is much more expensive, as much as $5000 to $10,000.

Replacing the Engine Air Filter

Unlike with other components, such as oil, you don’t have a dashboard light to rely on. You will need to remove the cover on the filter and look at it. If it’s dirty, it’s time for a replacement.

You may find the air filter on top of the engine with an easily accessible cover on top. Some newer models have the filter on the side of the engine, which makes it more difficult to reach. If you can’t get to the air filter or don’t want to try to find it, you can bring it to the service team at Premier Ford of Lamesa for service.

Caring for Your Engine

You want to take care of your engine since it’s the most expensive part of your vehicle. If you follow maintenance guidelines, your Ford vehicle could easily last for 250,000 or 300,000 miles. Without proper maintenance, it may start causing problems even before it reaches 100,000 miles.

It’s easy to keep your vehicle in prime condition with regular service. Just use our online scheduler to set up an appointment around your busy routines. You can also give us a call to choose a time to bring your vehicle in.

Don’t overlook any part of your maintenance to keep your Ford F-150 or Ford Explorer providing reliable transportation. Stop by Premier Ford of Lamesa to get your vehicle serviced with our trained service team. Make an appointment with us today!